Business Banking Services

Manage your disbursements, collections, information reporting and fraud prevention. With Traditional Bank’s business product suite, you’ll find it easier to manage daily transactions, cash flow, and reporting. You can spend less time focusing on your banking and more time on your business. Email us to see if we can lower your business banking fees.

  • ACH

    Automated Clearing House (ACH) services give you a safe, secure way to send or receive payments. ACH allows you to easily collect and process payments.

    • Automate your payroll with direct deposit
    • Manage your cash flow easily by scheduling regular ACH payments
    • Eliminate unnecessary costs associated with purchasing and processing paper checks
    • Make Federal Tax Payments
  • Remote Deposit Capture

    With the help of a desktop scanner and the internet, capture check images and make a deposit from your desk.

    • Save time and resources by eliminating trips to the bank
    • Accelerate cash flow
    • Maintain and store captured images
    • Consolidate and easily manage your deposits
    • Streamline your operations in one place
    • Improve security by providing multi-factor security access controls
  • Wires

    Online Wire Transfer provides you with power to move money quickly and conveniently.

    • Faster processing than mailing a check
    • Ability to create templates and recurring wires
    • Receive incoming/outgoing wire notifications
    • Secure multifactor authentication
    • Ability to set up dual control for extra security
  • Positive Pay

    Positive Pay is an automated fraud detection tool. This transaction management system helps reduce ACH and check fraud by an automated process that matches an issued check file against items being presented for payment. Our clients are notified of exceptions to reduce unauthorized disbursements. In addition, you will have access to account reconciliation and automated ACH reporting all in a single platform.

    Features and benefits include:

    • Data Mapping utility- broad acceptance of positive pay files as specific file format requirements and/or custom programming is virtually eliminated
    • Automated processing of submitted check files or the ability to manually input issued checks
    • Online Check Image Viewing- allows client to view the front and the back check images of exceptions and paid checks, which will simplify the decision-making process of daily exceptions
    • Email Alerts- generated email to notify the client that and account has an exception, check or ACH, that needs to be reviewed
    • Secure web interface
    • ACH positive pay allows the client to create rules on the account level for monitoring ACH activity. Every ACH transaction presented for payment is scrutinized against the rules to determine whether it warrants further review.
      • ACH Authorization- rules define pre-approved ACH activity for a account and can include originating company, standard entry class, transaction types, and maximum dollar amount
      • Transaction/Filter Block- list of general guidelines for monitoring ACH transaction to identify unusual activity.
    • Account reconciliation and ACH reports- Full account reconcilement of all transaction activity, online extracts of posited transaction activity into customized or common transaction file formats. EDI translation reports and ACH returns and NOC reporting are available.
  • Sweep and Investment Accounts

    Cash is the most important resource. Don’t just let it sit around in a checking account. Put every penny to work!


    Investment Sweep Services

    • Link a business checking account with an interest bearing account and excess funds will be automatically swept to earn interest


    Credit Line Sweep (upon approval)

    • Reduce interest expense by automatically retiring debt with excess cash
    • Achieve peace of mind by using credit line to cover shortfalls in the checking account


    Zero Balance Accounts

    • Eliminate manually funding of accounts
    • Concentrate balances into a central operating account
    • Reduce time reconciling accounts and monitoring balances


    Repurchase Sweep Account

    • Provides daily investment and collateralization of excess funds
    • Automatically determines investable balances
  • ICS/Insured Cash Sweep and CDARS

    With ICS and CDARS, you can have the peace of mind that comes with multi-million dollar FDIC insurance. You may choose either service or any combination of services to meet your financial needs.

    • Access to multi-million dollar FDIC insurance by working with Traditional Bank
    • Competitive Rates
    • One easy to read statement
    • Automated overnight sweeps
  • Merchant Service

    Traditional Bank maintains a partnership with Streamline Payments who provides processing services through America’s largest and most reliable platforms.

    • Supports retails, restaurant, mobile pay, software solutions, Ecommerce, petroleum, lodging and B to B level 3 processing
    • Quick start up time
    • Superior support and service
    • PCI compliance for card holder data security
    • Streamline Payments