December 31, 2021

5 tips for Financial Resolutions from Forbes

Journal open on desk with note to "Make a financial plan!" and pencil resting on page.

Lisa Rowan

Lisa Rowan

Forbes Advisor Staff member Lisa Rowan recently shared these helpful tips on how to make - and keep - New Year's Financial Resolutions.

If 2021 threw your finances for a loop—or was a continuation of the challenges you encountered in 2020—a financial resolution might be on your list of ways to improve your life in 2022.

More than two-thirds of Americans are considering a financial New Year’s resolution, according to Fidelity Investments’ Annual Resolutions Study. The most popular financial resolutions among people considering one? Save more money, pay down debt and spend less.

But simply making a resolution doesn’t mean you’ll be able to keep it. Less than half of people who make resolutions are still on track to meet their goals by June. If you want to be in the group that succeeds, you should learn how to overcome challenges that can make it harder to achieve financial goals.

Here’s why it’s so hard to keep a New Year’s Resolution—and five ways to make a financial goal you can actually achieve.